The Microincisional Edge

ALCON® MIVS offers a complete portfolio of microincisional tools, including:

  • ULTRAVIT® Probes
  • EDGEPLUS® Blades and entry systems
  • GRIESHABER® Instrumentation
  • ALCON® Endoilluminators
  • PUREPOINT® Laser Probes

The micro-incision advantage of the ALCON® MIVS platform is highly beneficial to your patients:

  • Faster visual recovery1
  • Reduced discomfort2
  • Less inflammation and less disruption to the conjunctiva3

1. Nagpal M, et al. Comparison of clinical outcomes and wound dynamics of sclerotomy ports of 20, 25, and 23 gauge vitrectomy. Retina. 2009.

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